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Judge Michel Madkour
Senior Consultant
Holder of Bachelor Degree in French and Lebanese Laws from Saint Joseph University of Beirut and a PHD in Penal Law, Michel MADKOUR became a judge early in the sixties.

He occupied many positions in various courts for 40 years:
Unique Civil and Penal Judge in Jezzine
Unique Civil and Penal Judge in Saida
President of the Civil Chamber in Saida
President of the Criminal Court in Zahlé for 12 years
President of the Criminal Court in Mount Lebanon for 12 years
Judge at the Legislation and Consulting Committee at the Ministry of Justice
President of the Supreme Criminal Court for 5 years.
Honorary President of the Penal Law Association

He was appointed Honorary Judge by a presidential Decree number 6840
MADKOUR Law Firm cooperates with number of renowned previous judges as permanent consultants with extensive experience and rich background in all areas of practice.


At MADKOUR LAW FIRM, we emphasize on teamwork among our lawyers, consultants and paralegal employees.

Strongly believing in specialization, MADKOUR LAW FIRM has established various departments, including expert lawyers in each field, divided & can be
reached as follows:
 Civil Litigation Department: civil@madcour.com
 Corporate Department: corporate@madcour.com
 Criminal Law Department: criminal@madcour.com
 Business Crimes (White Collar) Department: businesscrimes@madcour.com
 Employment Law Department: employmentlaw@madcour.com
 Banking & Debt Recovery Department: banking@madcour.com
 Intellectual Property Department: ip@madcour.com
 Real Estate Department: realestate@madcour.com
 Malpractice Department: malpractice@madcour.com
 Administrative & Public Law Department: administrativelaw@madcour.com
 Human Rights Department: humanrights@madcour.com
Additionally, MADKOUR LAW FIRM is directed by its Chairman (chairman@madcour.com) and a four-person Executive Committee.
The day-to-day business of the Firm and other important activities are managed and supervised by the firm’s Office Manager (management@madcour.com)
conducting extensive follow-up & monitoring to all the operations and also acting as a client’s liaison providing support and advice, supplying pertinent

As a complement to this work, our Office Manager assists in the provision of all required administrative support to the office, the lawyers and the Chairman, while
contributing to the decision making process and coordinating the performance of an integrated analysis of all cases & implementing the practical strategies.

The firm’s administrative team (administration@madcour.com) is a group of dedicated professionals who provide the firm and the lawyers with maximum
efficiency and productivity in the areas of Accounting & Finance (accounting@madcour.com), Human Resources, Information Technology, Marketing & Business
Development, Operations, Records and Research Services.

At last, Be Confident that You can count, at any moment, on our complementary team, available and ready to meet your requests, capable to provide you with
the best solution consistent with your business objectives and expectations.