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At Madkour Law Firm, we understand your industry, goals and needs.

Our innovative solutions & Our perspective are based on our knowledge of local laws and customs everywhere we operate, while our expert lawyers understand issues across a broad spectrum of business and legal practices. This fluency allows us to gather the right talent, know-how and knowledge
to deliver High Quality Services.

To learn more, have a look at our AREAS OF EXPERTISE detailed as follows:
civil rights Litigation & Dispute Resolution
lawyers Contracts
lawyers Real Estate
lawyers Administrative & Public Law
lawyers Banking & Debt Collection
lawyers Corporate & Commercial
lawyers Corporate Criminal Law (Business Crimes – White Collar Crimes)
lawyers Criminal Law
lawyers Employment Advice & Litigation
lawyers Franchise, Licensing & Distributorships
lawyers Human Rights
lawyers Intellectual Property
lawyers Medical & Legal Malpractice

Litigation & Dispute Resolution

As a leading dispute resolution practice, MADKOUR LAW FIRM provide specialist advice and representation to clients around the world on litigation, arbitration and regulatory matters.