when EVERY ONE is on your BACK, WE are on your SIDE.

Fundamental principles

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Since its formation, MADKOUR Law Firm has developed into one of Lebanon's largest and most respected law firms. Contributing to its growing success is the fact that MADKOUR Law Firm gathers a team of specialized lawyers as well as renowned judges and represents more than a thousand clients all around the world and collaborates with firms all over the countries.

MADKOUR Law Firm offers advice and assistance of the highest ethical and professional standards, serving numerous high profile individuals and companies and has already achieved a prominent position in the Law Business.

Lawyers proceed as a team, in consideration of their specialization and their complementarity in order to provide fast and efficacious services to our clients.

Out Firm’s culture is that of an enterprise of services production, taking actions adapted to Lebanese and foreign client’s demands.

We are committed to responding to the needs of our clients, building on a conviction that expedience and practical usefulness are just as important in giving good deal as a comprehensive legal analysis. We always provide our services with our clients' specific, practical needs in mind.

We place great emphasis on not merely identifying legal problems, but also presenting proposals for solving them. We attempt to ensure that our services bring added value to our clients and are not just a necessary expense.

Our approach is based on specialization according to activity branch for a perfect knowledge of our client profession, as well as to law branch for an expertise in traditional matters of law.

Our collaboration starts by getting to know our clients, their needs & objectives, then we initiate a profound study in order to set the adequate strategy and implement it.

Constant Evolution

At MADKOUR Law Firm we strongly believe in the constant evolution and work permanently to benefit from all the soft wares and latest technologies in the field in order to optimize our capacities and provide the best services to our clients.

The Specific & Complementary Services

MADKOUR Law Firm provides a wide range of legal & judicial services to individuals, companies, institutions, non-governmental organisms and embassies on both local and international levels in all fields.

Our approach aims not only to resolve our clients' problems, but to provide them with the good advice to avoid the problems and take the right decision in the right time.

Our firm represents many Clients operating in foreign countries as well as international clients in their Lebanese or international transactions.

In addition to the traditionnel legal & judicial services, MADKOUR Law Firm provides a wide range of other Specific & Complementary Services, such as:
  • Private investigations
  • Establishment of companies & associations
  • Establishing of branches for foreign companies
  • Real Estate formalities & procedures (Sale, Mortgage, Registration)
  • Inheritance, transfer of property
  • Trademarks Registration
  • Legal Translation (Laws, conventions, judgments, reports, contracts)
At MADKOUR Law Firm , we emphasize on teamwork among our lawyers, consultants and paralegal employees.

Strongly believing in specialization, MADKOUR Law Firm has established various departments, including expert lawyers in each field, divided & can be reached as follows:


Honoraries are mutually agreed upon with our Clients according to reglementations related to the matter, especially those edited by the Bar association of Beirut.

MADKOUR Law Firm structures fee arrangements which are responsive to the client’s needs and circumstances. Generally it is the Firm's policy to discuss fees with clients at the initial contact.

Provided time & work, difficulty & importance of the case are taken into consideration to fix our honoraries.

Our firm has implemented an intervention time follow up system, which assures a great deal of transparence in the honoraries.

Generally, a Retainer Agreement is concluded prior to our interventions and judicial expenses are deduced according to their effective use and are communicated to our Clients at the end of each month.

It is to note that all information revealed to our Firm remains strictly confidential in conformity to our deontological rules.

Our Activities


In 2006, the Chairman of MADKOUR Law Firm , Roy Madkour with a group of young lawyers cooperating in the Firm have decided to constitute THE LEBANESE PENAL LAW ASSOCIATION under the supervision of President Michel Madkour, an honorable judge who occupied many positions in various courts, mainly criminal, for 40 years.

We lifted the Challenge and believed in our capacity to make our Legal System a better one and our Justice a more human and effective one.

The Association aims to:
  • The development of legislation and institutions for ensuring more human and effective justice.
  • Prepare studies and suggestions for developing and modifying the legal, judicial and legislations concerning the Penal Law and The Penal Procedures.
  • Make researches concerning the crimes, their reasons, the ways to prevent and decrease them, in addition to the researches about the Penal Procedures and their development.
  • Ensure the cooperation and the exchange of opinions and suggestions between all the Lebanese and foreign persons, institutions and organizations dealing and working in the Penal field.
  • Contribute by all means to ensure the human rights for the detainees and the convicted.
  • *Organize Lebanese and International conferences.
The Association has been registered at the Ministry of Interior and Municipalities under the number 412.
To learn more about the association and its goals, we invite you to visit our website: www.Penal-lb.org


MADKOUR Law Firm has been appointed as the representative of The International Prison Watch Association in Lebanon.

The object of International Prison Watch is to promote respect for persons who have been imprisoned in agreement with the provisions of the international human rights related instruments, by:
  • Striving irrespective of political considerations, to ensure that ordinary criminal prisoners should be subjected to no punishment other than being deprived of freedom, for whatever reason the individual concerned has been imprisoned.
  • Emphasizing the social reintegration dimension that should be combined with any freedom – depriving sentence.
  • Promoting all alternative punishment to prison.
  • Opposing by all appropriate means the imposition and execution of the death penalty as well as torture and the above mentioned types of treatment for whatever reason the individual concerned has been imprisoned.
To learn more about the association and its goals, we invite you to visit our website: www.oipliban.org

The Future Evolution and the Challenges.

Through the years, we have succeeded to reach our goals and are proud of our achievements; however many challenges are ahead to keep up with the latest technologies and evolution.

MADKOUR Law Firm is determined to keep on progressing at all levels to provide even better services and participate in the Legislative & Judicial Evolution.